What’s hot??? What’s not???
HOT: What’s hot to me is-
  1. Johnny Cashjohnny.jpg
  2. moons
  3. Pac man
  4. Teeth
  5. The sun
NOT: What’s not hot to me is-
  1. Drugs
  2. Dogs
  3. Thick eyeliner
  4. Colored hair
  5. Long nails

Music Review Marvin’s Room it's by Drake. The Album is Take Care.
I think it is a well written song by Drake. He talks about a girl that he stills loves, but she is with another guy and he does not really care for her. So the singer is saying like kind of forget this guy and be with me and also talking about the times they had together and how he knows that when her boyfriend was not around he knows, because she picks up the phone and talks to him and not her man.
I, as well, think Drake has raw talent when it comes to his music, really he makes up his own songs and does what he needs to do go out big on stage and also he makes sure things are not taken out of context about his work or words as well.

I’m going to give this man and his song 5 stars. *
By Isaiah

Dear John.
Dear John is about a girl who meets a boy who is in the Military and he comes home for the summer to visit his dad. His Father and him are not so close. When John meets this girl he brings her to his house to meet his father and his father does not talk that much, but his girlfriend got the father to talk about the coins he has been collecting since John was a little kid, but John's father started collecting them on his own.
The reason why I like this movie is because it is cute!
By Kyleigh.

Artec A&D
News music reviews! by Dezirae
God Send Me an Angel
This song is talking about being broken hearted and she is asking help from God to send her an angel to heal her broken heart. She is saying that she still loves him and she can’t take anymore lies from anyone else. It has been at least five months that she was with him. It is sung by Amanda Perez.
And I like the song because it is very beautiful and I have been broken hearted too that’s why.
This is God Send Me An Angel
This is Amanda Perez

ARTEC news

(Current Events)

What I’m going talk about this week is Obama’s work act and what the people think about it.

My opinion on the work act is let’s keep it going. He says there are going to be more jobs open for us to apply and make a living, but our hard work and dedication should be awarded for. We at least deserve some kind of thank you and for the one’s who want to work, but are denied the jobs in America for reasons of not finishing high school, or the color of their skin. We the people should not be treated this way.

Written by : Zachary

My favorite sport’s team is football Philadelphia Eagles. I liked them a lot. The reason why is because they have my favorite Quarterback, Donavan Mcnabb and my running back, Brian Westbrook too. So I liked them a lot and now I got Michael Vick is a pretty good quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. They are awesome and now this is going to be a good season for this year.
By Savon



Cowboys and Aliens would have to be one of the best movies of the year. Not only did it have a very good plot, but it also had the action that all of the young people of this era would love. There are many things about the movie that were done well, but there are also some parts of it that would make me turn my recommendation away from the movie. It is a very good family movie and I would recommend it for all ages. So if you want to see one of the latest action films head of to the movie theater, buy you ticket, snacks, drinks, and enjoy.

Nate "Views"

What makes us normal?
What’s the right race?
What’s proper etiquette?
Wearing the right face?

So what if you’re white,
Black, brown or blue.
Tall, short; large small
Who really has a clue?

What makes someone better?
Popular or cool?
Higher on the totem pole,
Or down cleaning shoes.

What’s with all the looks?
The groups and the styles?
The segregation, separation,
Always being vile.

Competing with each other,
Putting someone down.
Always have to be right,
Or ending in a frown.

Who determines the winner?
Who really has the right,
To say someone’s better,
If their skin color is white?

The stereotypes, cliques and reps,
The generalizations and the preps.
Skaters, stoners, jocks and techs,
Which one of these is the best?

Being in high school
Can be really rough,
‘specially if you’re stuck with one group,
You’re sheltered, not tough.

So what if you’re weird,
Different or queer.
Uniqueness or unordinary
Is considered a fear.

Seeing the outcast is
Seeing the scape goat.
Picking them last
Is sinking their boat.

But why? Why is it this way?
Society corrupting everyone,
But justifying it all,
Showing no shame.

I just can’t seem to stand here,
While all this hate goes on.
I need to place a barrier,
Between what’s right and wrong.

They say the idea of communism,
Will never, ever work.
A mirror of the Law of Consecration,
The lower class no longer works.

What’s with all the rich?
Faking ways throughout life.
Wearing different faces,
Inexperienced strife.

Those greedy, selfish upper-class,
Driving in expensive cars.
Wasting money on their mansions,
Blowing it in their bars.

Never glancing at the poor,
Homeless, stricken, out on the streets.
Learning through generations,
To never turn the other cheek.

Ignoring the lame,
Poor and the sick.
They’re just not the same,
As you hypocrites.

These corrupted people,
Placed into great power,
All because us lower-class,
Know only how to cower.

They say all men are equal,
Created fair and square.
But how ‘bout them rich people,
Who never learned to share?

Having lived in a shelter,
I know what it’s like.
Homeless until my mother,
Married my step-dad Mike.

Split between families,
I’ve seen both of the sides.
The lower-class, the middleclass,
Trials and the lies.

In this world we live in,
Sex just seems to sell.
The female body dehumanized,
A sacred creation felled.

How corrupt is it,
That women with big boobs,
Are coincidentally more successful,
Than those who’s size is few.

Or those sick, perverted men,
Feeding their bodies desire,
On those innocent, little girls,
They deserve to be preyed upon by Hell’s fire.

A male looking feminine,
Is considered gay.
Being homosexual is
Discriminated these days.

Whatever happened to matriarchal,
Family and relationships?
Catholics turned to patriarchal,
Portraying women as witches.

The male perceived as strong,
The leader of the group.
The woman placed below him,
Why, to that level do we stoop?

Real men never cry,
Women only stay at home.
Real men can’t be shy,
Women just clean and cook.

White or black,
Rich or poor, male or female,
Don’t settle the score.

In all reality,
We’re the exact same,
No more fatalities,
Let’s be humane.

Too many innocent people
Are killed by the human hand.
All because of their race,
Or if they’re not a white man.

Accept we’re all human.
Set our differences aside.
Why can’t we all unite?
Make peace under the sky.

T.I. Ft. Chris Brown: Get Back up

get-back-up-cover.jpg I first heard this song I liked it a lot. I think that it can be inspiring for girls at Artec. The song talks about how we can sometimes hit rock bottom and find ourselves in bad situations, but we can get back up and dust ourselves off and never give up. I think that’swhy we’re here at Artec. We all make mistakes, and just because we made bad choices people start to label us “Bad kids”. What I like about this song is that it says "I accept full responsibility for all the wrong I’ve done if y’all thought I were perfect I apologize for being human man.” To me it means like, we all mess up at some point and just because we choose to do wrong I don’t think we need to be judged but given a second chance to better ourselves. I give this song:

By Megan

Music Review


Skrillex. Skrillex is Sonny Moore, an American Producer from L.A. He plays Electro House, Fidget House, Dubstep, and complextro. Skrillex’s first album that came out was “My Name is Skrillex”. Later after his first album he came out with a Nationwide hit: “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”.
He is well known for his popular songs such as :

  • My Name is Skrillex
  • Father Said
  • Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
  • Reptile’s Theme
  • Scatta
  • With You, & Friends

  • All I Ask Of YOU
  • Equinox
And Many others.
I think Skrillex is the best artist because he is a really good performer and he has good beats to all of his songs. Most dubstep and fidget house all sound alike, but not his.

My favorite Music artist is Tech- N9ne. The reason why is because he explains a lot of real life events in his songs and how he deals with them. One of his songs that I love is “Rain”. The reason for that is because his kids sing in it with him. He tells how life as a famous singer really is. Being a famous singer is not what people really think it is or, what people say how fabulous it is, when in real life it’s not! By: Bailey